FADE IN:

               EXT. ALLEY - NIGHT

               The alley is in a large city. In the background, we can hear 

               ANGLE : VI

               She is running as fast as she can through the alley. A look 
               of determination on her face.

               ANGLE : A VAMPIRE (normal, not Uber)

               Also running. It's impossible to tell who is chasing whom in 
               this scene, since we're only seeing them close-up.

               Finally, the alley ends with one of those conveniently placed 
               metal fences. We now see that the vampire was running from 
               Vi as he stops short and looks around for a way out.

               Vi catches up and assumes an fighter's stance. She grins.

                         Did you think you were gonna get 

                         What are you?

                         Ever hear of a Slayer?

                         That's impossible. There can only be 

                         Okay, you're just living in the past. 
                         Why don't you take a minute to catch 
                         up with the rest of us. I'll even 
                         wait if you want.

               The confused vampire decides to take his chances. He charges 
               at Vi. She easily stakes him, and he TURNS TO DUST. She 

               Out of nowhere, we hear a SPLATTERING SOUND. Vi's smile 
               quickly fades. She looks down, and sees her shirt begin to 
               soak through with blood. Then she drops out of frame.

               Standing behind her, we can now see a DEMON. Scales, and red 
               eyes. Horns, maybe. In his clawed hand, he holds her heart.

               From that violent, gory scene, we switch to... 

2. EXT. WOODED AREA - EVENING The woods are peaceful and soothing. The setting is a quiet corner of the country, away from all of the noise that we heard in the previous scene. In the background, there are mountains. Nearby, there is a lake that is reflecting the orange light of the setting sun. It's beautiful. The camera PANS OVER to REVEAL BUFFY, sitting on a rock, watching the sun set. Taking in the calm. There is a tranquil look on her face as she watches. DAWN (O.S.) Is this a new ritual of yours? Buffy looks to her side and sees DAWN walking closer, on a dirt covered path. BUFFY No rituals. No ceremonies, or sacred rites. Just this. She looks back at the shimmering water. Dawn sits next to her. BUFFY (CONT'D) Listen. Dawn takes a moment to listen. DAWN I don't hear anything. BUFFY Exactly. No screaming. No growling. Do you realize that it's been four months since I've killed anything? I was considering going vegetarian before I remembered that hamburgers are all meaty. (beat) Except the veggie burgers, but I don't think those really count as burgers. Or food. DAWN So you finally have what you've always wanted. A normal life. BUFFY That's me. Normal. For now, anyway. Until Giles calls for an assist with some baddie in some other country or something.
3. DAWN But there are tons of Slayers now, right? Can't they handle it? Buffy looks over at Dawn and smiles. BUFFY The phone hasn't rang yet. Or rung. Whatever. DAWN Maybe it never will. The girls go back to watching the sun set in quiet. INT. WILLOW AND XANDER'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT There are two beds in this poorly decorated room. The hotel isn't exactly the Plaza, but it's good enough for sleeping. WILLOW and XANDER are sitting indian-style on one of the beds. They're facing each other. Looking each other in the eyes. Or in Willow's case, looking Xander in the one eye and a patch. WILLOW (V.O.) Hear my thoughts. Focus on the sound of my voice in your head. Feel my energy inside of you, working as one with your own. Pull that energy to your eye. Focus it. For a moment, they focus, but then Xander blinks and turns away. He gets up and starts pacing. XANDER It's pointless. WILLOW Don't say that. XANDER We've been working all summer and the closest I've gotten to a new eye is something that looks like a deflated prune. WILLOW It takes time. XANDER Which we've given it. I think it's time to face the facts here, Will. The eye isn't coming back. Willow gets up and walks to him. She frowns.
4. WILLOW I guess I never realized how much power I drew from the Hellmouth. Even in England, I felt it. But if we give it some more time, maybe it'll work. You can't give up. I won't let you. Xander looks at her face, which is full of resolve. His annoyance begins to melt away. XANDER Yeah? And what'll you do if I do give up? WILLOW I'll... I'll beat you to a bloody pulp with my bare hands and then use your blood in a spell that'll make your insides pop out of your belly button. He smiles and hugs her. XANDER Okay. You got me. WILLOW It's because I'm all tough looking, right? XANDER Like a mean biker man. WILLOW Damn right. They hold the hug for a beat. Then Xander's face fills with curiosity. XANDER Wait... You can't really do the belly button thing, can you? FADE TO BLACK: END OF TEASER
5. ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. BUFFY'S HOTEL ROOM - DAY Buffy comes out of the bathroom, clothed and drying her hair with a towel. It's a different room than the one we saw Willow and Xander in, but it looks exactly the same. Dawn is sitting on her bed, toothbrush in hand, waiting for Buffy to come out of the bathroom. DAWN Are you done yet? BUFFY It's all yours. DAWN Finally. If you took any longer to get ready, I'd be a wrinkled corpse by the time you got out here. BUFFY I like to be pretty. Dawn rolls her eyes and heads into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. BUFFY (CONT'D) (calling into the bathroom) What time did Xander say the meeting was? DAWN (O.S.) Ten-thirty. Buffy looks at the clock. It's 9:30 now. She grabs a hair brush off of the dresser and starts to brush her hair. There's a KNOCK on the door. Buffy answers it. Willow and Xander walk in. XANDER You guys ready yet? I was thinking we might eat first. BUFFY Dawn's in the bathroom getting ready. WILLOW Still?
6. BUFFY What can I say? She's a bathroom hog. DAWN (O.S.) I heard that! XANDER I still don't get it. Giles is global guy, tracking down Slayers all over the world, all while keeping an ex- Watchful eye on Hellmouth Cleveland. Faith and Principal Wood are soaking up the sun at tropical resort Hellmouth. And where does Giles send us? The Scooby Gang. The A-Team. (beat) Nowheresville, Washington. Not even a Hellmouth. WILLOW But there's a weird mystical vibe here. Makes for some demonic interest. Plus, Bear River isn't too bad. I think it's kinda pretty. XANDER Still, you'd think he'd want us on the front lines. Fighting the big bad demons, or teaching young girls how to stab things. Y'know, doing something. What are we gonna do here? Fish? WILLOW I think that's kinda the point. Giles probably thinks we need a break. A little of the three R's before diving back into the battle. XANDER Three? WILLOW Yeah. You know. Rest, relaxation and... arithmetic? I think I'm confusing my sayings here. BUFFY Do we still have to call him "principal"? I mean... there's no more school for him to principal at. WILLOW I think he's just Robin now.
7. XANDER That sounds strange. WILLOW I guess, but it's not like we're gonna be talking to him a lot anyway. XANDER Good point. Buffy looks at the clock. BUFFY Dawn, you almost ready? The bathroom door opens and Dawn comes out, ready to go. BUFFY (CONT'D) Holy crap, I was kidding. How'd you do that? DAWN Still recovering from the potential situation last year. (to Xander) Did I hear you say something about breakfast? INT. JACK'S BAIT-N-BREAKFAST - DAY Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn enter the place and stop to look around. One side of the building is a normal diner. Not the classiest place ever, but not too bad. The other side is a fishing supply store with a sign for live bait. BUFFY Jack's Bait-N-Breakfast. Sounds sarcastically yummy. DAWN As long as they don't get all turned around and load up my plate with live worms, I'm good. XANDER (giggles) Gagh. Dawn looks at Xander, wondering what he's talking about. Xander looks at the ground. XANDER (CONT'D) Sorry. Star Trek thing. They walk to a table and sit down.
8. WILLOW I think it's kinda cozy. It has small town charm to it. BUFFY Speaking of which, did you see how small this town was? Ten stores on Main Street and not one of them a Saks. WILLOW I'm sure there's a mall nearby. XANDER Forty-five minutes if you follow the speed limit. DAWN It's times like this that make me regret destroying Sunnydale. WILLOW C'mon. It's not bad here. BUFFY (giving in) Okay. You're right. It's actually really nice. And there's an ice cream parlor that has those heart-shaped chairs. Sunnydale didn't have one of those. XANDER We did, but it closed in '95. Willow smiles. WILLOW Check us out. Actual conversation without any talk of demons, or the end of the world. DAWN Depends on how you handle that mall news. XANDER You'd think the mall chat would have gotten old by now. BUFFY How little you know us, Xand. DAWN Mall chat never gets old.
9. A WAITRESS walks to the table and puts menus in front of everyone. WAITRESS Can I get you folks something to drink? XANDER Yeah. Orange juice for me. BUFFY Coffee. WILLOW Coffee. DAWN Hot chocolate? The waitress nods at Dawn. Dawn smiles. DAWN (CONT'D) That then. WAITRESS Okay. I'll be back in a few, to take your orders. She walks away. Everyone looks over their menus. Buffy, Willow and Xander get puzzled looks on their faces. Dawn's smile grows. DAWN It's like every meal I ever invented, all put into one restaurant. BUFFY This can't be good. WILLOW It's a gastrointestinal disorder just waiting to happen. XANDER Maybe I'll just have cereal. (beat) Hold the ketchup. DAWN I'm gonna have the banana and peanut butter French toast. I love that one. WILLOW I guess I'll follow Dawnie. If I'm gonna roam these woods, it'd probably be smart to bring a guide.
10. BUFFY Well, as the Chosen One... or one of the Chosen Ones, I feel it's my duty to seek out the evils of the world and face them head-on. I'm going for the onion and pepperoni pancakes. DAWN Speaking of ketchup, that's what you're gonna wanna do with those. Don't let the lure of syrup get the best of you. BUFFY Umm... thanks. DAWN So what do you think we should tell the Realtor? BUFFY 'Bout what? DAWN What happened to our last homes. I don't know if it'd be in our best interests to say that we had our entire town sucked into Hell. WILLOW The news called it an earthquake. XANDER Did it? I didn't see that. WILLOW You were busy sleeping for about a week. XANDER Ah. The sweet days of non-addictive pain medication. Still, you'd think someone would have mentioned it again. BUFFY That's how the world works today. News one day, old news the next. I guess that's probably why they call it old news. The waitress returns to the table with their drinks. WAITRESS You folks ready to order.
11. BUFFY (mumbled to herself) If we have to. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - DAY We see around the empty house. Furniture covered with cloth. Dusty. Webs all around. Windows covered over with dirt (including one stained glass window which will eventually spread color and much needed atmosphere around the place). The house is nice, under all of this. Victorian style, with carvings and wood floors. Nice and roomy too. There's a BANGING on the front door (which also has stained glass on it). The door is stuck and someone is trying to open it. Finally, it flies open. The Realtor, MRS. GIMLY (an older, pleasant woman) catches herself before she falls to onto the ground. She walks in. Buffy and the others follow her, all looking around as they do. MRS. GIMLY This is it. WILLOW Wow. Pretty. Or- y'know- potential pretty. MRS. GIMLY It was built by Richard Acker, back at the turn of the century. (beat) The last century. Back in the early 1900's. He built it for him and his wife to live in when they first came to the town. One of the first couples to move here, in fact. Buffy stops looking around and looks at Mrs. Gimly. BUFFY Is it haunted? MRS. GIMLY Excuse me? BUFFY Haunted. Y'know, by ghosts. Dead people. 'Cause that might put the damper on this whole thing. MRS. GIMLY (laughing) There are no ghosts in this house. We didn't even have drugs back in the 60's.
12. Willow and Xander share a confused look, wondering what one has to do with the other. MRS. GIMLY (CONT'D) Though there was a slight infestation problem, I'm pretty certain it's been dealt with. We bombed the house. BUFFY Literally? MRS. GIMLY With insecticide. Dawn takes Buffy by the arm and starts to lead her into another room. She smiles back at Mrs. Gimly. DAWN She's just really tired. When Buffy and Dawn are gone, Willow and Xander stay behind with Mrs. Gimly. They smile, awkwardly. WILLOW So... Nice neighborhood. MRS. GIMLY Yes. It is. I live right down the street, actually. WILLOW Oh. Neat. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - DINING ROOM - DAY Buffy and Dawn are looking around the dining room, now. Inspecting everything. DAWN Okay, could you maybe go a little lighter on the third degree next time? BUFFY Sorry. Habit, I guess. DAWN I get that. But you heard what Giles said. This isn't even a Hellmouth. We probably won't see too much of that stuff around here. So relax. Take a breath. BUFFY Relaxing. Breathing. (beat) It is a nice house, isn't it?
13. DAWN And more importantly, it's within our budget. BUFFY Icing on the dusty, cloth covered cake. They walk through a connecting doorway. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS - DAY They enter the kitchen and stop dead in their tracks. Jaws dropping. BUFFY Sweet mother of pearl, look at this place. REVEAL the kitchen. Big. A cook's dream kitchen, with antique stove and oven. Copper sink. Butcher block counters. Fireplace (yes, in the kitchen!). Old wooden refrigerator. Shelves on the walls. And much more, which is covered by sheets. DAWN This is amazing. BUFFY So why is it in our budget? DAWN Buffy, remember what we said about breathing? It's cheap because it's in Nowhereville. BUFFY Right. Okay. Relaxing again. Willow, Xander and Mrs. Gimly walk into the kitchen. Willow and Xander stop short. XANDER Freaky shades of purple and green, this is nice. Mrs. Gimly looks back at him, wondering what the hell he's talking about. XANDER (CONT'D) Oh. I sometimes say things that make no sense when I'm in shock. That doesn't help Mrs. Gimly. Willow decides to give it a go. WILLOW We're from California.
14. MRS. GIMLY Oh. BUFFY (to Willow and Xander) So what do you guys think? Should we look at more houses? MRS. GIMLY Actually, this is the only house we have for rent at the moment. BUFFY Oh. In that case, I guess we'll take it. Should we haggle or something first? MRS. GIMLY I don't think it'd help much, considering. BUFFY Right. I've never done this before. MRS. GIMLY You're doing very well. BUFFY Thanks. XANDER So what do we sign? MRS. GIMLY Just a few papers, and then you'll be ready to move all of your things in. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - FOYER - DAY The front door opens. Buffy walks in, carrying a suit case and her Scythe. Willow, Xander and Dawn all follow, carrying one or two bags each. Buffy drops hers. BUFFY Here endeth the moving in. END OF ACT ONE
15. ACT TWO FADE IN: INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Buffy and Willow are uncovering all of the furniture. Beautiful antique chairs, couch, lamps, mirrors, tables... it all looks like it's been there since the house was built. Xander is up on a ladder, looking at a light fixture. XANDER I think it's just a wire that went all fizzy. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. BUFFY Cool. XANDER I guess I should probably turn off the power first. BUFFY Might help. Buffy looks at all the antiques. BUFFY (CONT'D) Okay, this stuff is gonna last all of three minutes around us. You realize that, right? WILLOW Maybe we'll break that streak of breaking things all the time. BUFFY Um, Will... I think after seven years, it's less a streak and more a way of life. WILLOW Sunnydale life though. Not Bear River life. BUFFY That remains to be seen. Xander pokes something with a screwdriver. It SPARKS. He jumps back. Buffy and Willow look over at him. WILLOW Are you okay?
16. XANDER Yeah. (beat) I think I might go ahead with that plan to turn off the power. Xander climbs down and walks out of the room. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY Dawn is cleaning some dishes at the sink. Xander walks in, on his way to the basement. DAWN Do I smell something burning? XANDER Yeah. Don't worry. Just me. DAWN Oh. Okay. Xander is about to open the basement door, but Dawn turns off the water and walks to him. DAWN (CONT'D) Xander, wait. He stops and turns around. XANDER Yeah? DAWN We have a slight problem. XANDER Out of toothpaste? DAWN Well, yeah. But something else too. Y'know how when we took the tour of the house, we never really went upstairs? XANDER Yeah. DAWN Well, as it turns out, this is a two- bedroom house. And not the big kind. We're talking three beds, tops. And one of those might have to be a bunk- bed. I can share with Buffy or Willow, but...
17. XANDER But there's not much chance of one of them sharing their bed with the guy of the house. Yeah, I've seen Three's Company enough times to know that plot. I expect a misunderstanding of some sort to happen any minute now. DAWN What're you gonna do? XANDER No worries. He opens the basement door and steps inside. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - BASEMENT - CONTINUOUS - DAY XANDER I've been roomless before. I'll just stay in the... He turns on the light switch and takes a look around the basement. It's horrible. Packed with old stuff. Dirt floor. Damp and moldy looking. XANDER (CONT'D) ...attic. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Buffy and Willow are still getting things organized. The room looks like a room again, they're just dusting and straightening things. Dawn and Xander enter. XANDER Power's turned off. I'm ready to fix this thing. DAWN Also, we need to clear some space in the attic for Xander. BUFFY I was wondering how that'd work out. Willow suddenly remembers something. WILLOW Oh! Everyone looks over at her.
18. BUFFY What "oh"? WILLOW I just remembered something. Since we're all here now. DAWN (getting it) Now? WILLOW Good a time as any. DAWN Okay. Willow leaves the room. XANDER Am I supposed to know what's going on here? BUFFY I think they're speaking in code. Dawn turns to Xander. DAWN You know about this. Think. (beat) Y'know... the thing. Xander suddenly gets it. XANDER Oh! BUFFY Okay, you haven't all been taken over by evil house spirits or something, have you? DAWN Again I say, the house isn't haunted. It's not possessed, or enchanted. It's not a lair of any kind. It's just a house. BUFFY Mm-hmm. Willow comes back into the room holding a wrapped box. She goes to Buffy and hands it to her. BUFFY (CONT'D) What's this?
19. WILLOW We just thought... y'know, you deserved something. You save the world from evil, spend the summer getting Giles all settled in his new job and now it's time for you to start that normal life you've always wanted. BUFFY And this normal life involves a new birthday? XANDER It just seemed like the thing to do. BUFFY Oh. 'Cause I really could have gotten behind that new birthday idea. DAWN Are we gonna chat, or are you gonna open it? BUFFY Okay, okay. Buffy moves to the couch and sits down. She unwraps the present and reveals... okay, it's just a plain brown box so far. BUFFY (CONT'D) A box. With something in it! It's just what I've wanted all summer. Thank you, guys. DAWN Seriously. Open it. Buffy's face fills with anticipation as she opens the box. She looks inside. As she does, the look on her face changes to one of curiosity. She reaches inside. BUFFY What is it? She pulls out a cloth somethingorother and studies it. WILLOW We got it when we went to England. Do you like it? BUFFY Yeah. I love it. Whatever it is. DAWN It's a tea cozy.
20. Buffy suddenly catches up. A small smile forms on her face. Her eyes well up as she hugs it. BUFFY (for real this time) You guys. I love it. She goes around the room, hugging everyone. XANDER You deserve it. BUFFY Thank you. When she's done hugging everyone, she sits back down and looks at the tea cozy some more. And there she stays for a few beats, just looking at it. BUFFY (CONT'D) So, what the hell does it do? INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY Dawn walks into the kitchen, carrying the box and wrapping paper. She brings them to a large trash bag that's already half full and puts them inside. BUFFY (O.S.) Dawn! Where'd you go? DAWN To get rid of the trash. We're trying to clean the house, remember? When she's done putting the box and paper into the bag, she turns around to go back to the other room. As she does a SLIGHT CRAWLING SOUND comes from the wall behind her. She stops and turns back around. She looks at the wall, as though there were a chance she could see through it. DAWN (CONT'D) Don't tell me we have mice. Please don't tell me we have mice. THE CRAWLING SOUND is heard again. This time, it sounds like there are more legs. Many more legs. DAWN (CONT'D) A family of mice? And then she sees it. The WALL MOVES as though there were hundreds of tiny creatures just under the paint. Dawn's eyes widen.
21. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Buffy and Willow are sitting. Buffy's holding onto the tea cozy. Xander's up on the ladder, fixing the light. BUFFY I think it's finally starting to sink in. That I could have a normal life, without demon slaying and world saving. Just a quiet, normal existence. With a tea cozy. Y'know, I kept expecting something to jump out at me, but I'm finally getting that it's not gonna happen. That's over. It's the past. Dawn runs into the room. DAWN We have a problem. Willow stands up and turns to Dawn. Buffy looks over from where she's sitting. WILLOW What? DAWN There's something in the house. WILLOW Did you hear a mouse in the wall? DAWN No. I mean, there's something in the house! Buffy tosses the tea cozy aside. BUFFY I knew it! I knew there'd be something wrong with this place. You guys are all like "normal life" and "keeps tea pots warm", but I knew that was all a load of bull. Xander starts down the ladder. XANDER Calm down, Buff. It's probably not demonic. DAWN Not demonic? The walls were crawling.
22. XANDER It could be a bug infestation. Were they kinda fat, with t-shirts that said "I Love Wood"? DAWN They weren't termites. I think I'd know the difference. WILLOW What'd they look like? DAWN (beat) Well, I didn't actually get a good look. I'm sure they were demons though. Little crawly, munchy demons. XANDER Munchy like termites? DAWN No. Munchy like little demons. WILLOW I think we should sit down and let this all sink in before we whip out the gas cans and start with the burning things. BUFFY I'm with Willow. We should think this through with logic and reasoning. Then, and only then, should we deal with the fact of the demons living in our new house that are gonna attack and try to kill us and break our new antiques. DAWN Great. So we'll just sit back and wait for the brain sucking to happen. And you know it will. BUFFY I never said that. Buffy stands up. BUFFY (CONT'D) See? I'm standing. She starts to walk toward the kitchen. BUFFY (CONT'D) And now I'm going into the kitchen.
23. The others follow Buffy. INT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY Buffy leads the way into the kitchen. Willow, Xander and Dawn follow her. BUFFY (to Dawn) Okay, so where did you see them? Dawn points to the wall. DAWN In the wall there. The whole thing was moving around like a waterbed when someone sits on it. Y'know, kinda jiggly like that, but more crawlie. Buffy looks back at Dawn. BUFFY Just how do you know about jiggly waterbeds? Dawn pauses, looking guilty. DAWN Demons! Remember the demons? BUFFY We're talking about the waterbed issue later, young lady. Buffy turns back to the wall, and checks it out. She runs her hand over it. Nothing happens. BUFFY (CONT'D) Nothing. DAWN I saw it, I swear. Xander and Willow look at each other, wondering if Dawn really saw it. Dawn sees them. DAWN (CONT'D) You don't believe. WILLOW I believe you, Dawnie. I just also think that we've been working pretty hard and inhaling a lot of dust. DAWN You think it was in my head?
24. WILLOW No. (beat) But, maybe. DAWN It wasn't. (to Buffy) You believe me, right? BUFFY Of course I believe you. I was expecting it, remember? (beat) Then again, Willow could be right and I could be really paranoid. DAWN I can't believe this. If any of you saw it, nobody would be questioning it. BUFFY That's not true. Just last week, I was questioning Xander when he said he saw something. DAWN So you're comparing me to a one-eyed guy who claimed he saw Princess Leia getting on a bus in Cleveland? Willow looks at Xander, wondering what that was about. XANDER (to Willow) Yeah, I had way too many mochas that morning. BUFFY You're right. I'm not being fair. I'm sorry for that, but that doesn't change the fact that there aren't any muncher demons here at the moment. There's nothing else I can do. Dawn doesn't know what else to say. Buffy's right. DAWN I'll be upstairs, trying to figure out where I'm sleeping tonight. EXT. BUFFY'S NEW HOUSE - NIGHT (Y'know what... I'm just going to call it "Buffy's house" from now on. I'm sure nobody will assume that I mean the old house.)
25. Anyway, it's an establishing shot. The sun has set and the lights are on in the old house. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - BUFFY'S ROOM - NIGHT Dawn is fixing up the master bedroom, which has two beds in it. Probably the bedroom of a not-so-close couple at one time, that didn't feel like sharing one bed. The room is decorated like the rest of the house. Fancy. Nice. Dawn dusts off the dresser with one of the tarp things that once covered it. When she's done, she slumps down onto the closest bed. Feeling like crap. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Buffy and Willow are on the couch again. Tuckered out after a hard day of working. Xander flops down between them. XANDER How could such a nice looking house need so much repair work? BUFFY Nobody's lived here for years. XANDER And that's an excuse to let the place go to hell? BUFFY Actually, yeah. WILLOW We're just lucky that we have Mr. Fixit living right here with us. XANDER Anyone else hungry? BUFFY Kinda. WILLOW Me too. But I don't think we have any food here, unless you want Victorian era bread and cheese. XANDER Pizza it is. BUFFY Do they have that here?
26. XANDER Yeah. I saw a sign outside the Tire- N-Lube. Free delivery and a coupon for a free oil change after every twenty pizzas. WILLOW We should own more cars. XANDER Toppings? BUFFY Pepperoni. Sausage. Pretty much what I had for breakfast, but with cheese. WILLOW Pineapple for me. (off Xander's look) What? It's good. BUFFY Actually, it is. XANDER 'Kay. I'm gonna see what Dawn wants. Xander gets up and walks out of the room. When he's gone, Buffy and Willow continue to relax. BUFFY Think we should be worrying about the possible demon infestation? INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - BUFFY'S ROOM - NIGHT Xander walks into the room and finds Dawn, still on the bed. He goes and sits at the foot of the bed. XANDER Hey. DAWN I'm not stupid. I know what I saw. XANDER I believe you. So do they. There's just not much for us to do yet. We have to wait for the big dramatic attack scene before we know what we're dealing with. DAWN They think I'm a moron who can't tell the difference between a dust bunny and a demon.
27. XANDER I don't think-- DAWN It's just because I don't have any special powers. I'm not chosen, I'm not all in tune with the planet, therefor I must be useless. Mom was right all along. XANDER Mom? DAWN Last year. What she told me. XANDER Last year? I'm kinda lost. DAWN When she came to me. She told me that Buffy wouldn't choose me. That she'd be against me. She was right. XANDER Or it's possible that the First was trying to get inside your head. DAWN The First can't tear apart a house. This was real. XANDER Buffy did what she had to. To win the battle. She wasn't against you. DAWN Yeah. I used to think that way too. But while she was doing all that calling, did she bother to empower any of us who weren't all "potential"? XANDER Dawn, don't think that way. I've done my share of Buffy blaming, but it's not right. It's not her fault that things went down the way they did. You and me... we're the normal ones. Always have been, always will be. That's not Buffy's fault. DAWN Yeah. Fine. You're right. I'm wrong. Dawn gets up and walks out of the room. Xander is left alone with his thoughts. He sits in silence for a moment.
28. XANDER I don't suppose you'd like some pizza? INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - BATHROOM - NIGHT Dawn goes into the bathroom and closes the door behind her. She turns on the water, just so it's not totally silent in the room. She looks into the mirror. DAWN They have no idea what I am, or what I can do. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Buffy and Willow are still on the couch. BUFFY Where's Xander? I want pizza. WILLOW I think we might wanna consider food shopping tomorrow. I have a feeling that if we eat out too much in this town, we might end up regretting it. BUFFY True. Though, you never know. Spark plugs could be as valid a topping as any. WILLOW (smiles) The French toast was surprisingly good, I must say. BUFFY Good to know. If my stomach ever allows me to eat breakfast again, I'll keep it in mind. WILLOW I just hope we manage to eat before the mini-demons attack. I hate fighting evil on an empty stomach. BUFFY I'm usually hungry after I kill something, either way. (beat) Y'know, it figures that we'd move into a house that was infested with demons.
29. WILLOW Actually, it kinda makes sense. Only house in town that nobody wants to live in, even though it's huge and fancy and amazingly affordable. BUFFY Well, when you put it like that. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - NIGHT The demon infested wall BEGINS TO MOVE AGAIN. Like it did before. This time, the munchy demons make their way up into the ceiling. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT BUFFY Maybe I should go upstairs and get Dawn. WILLOW 'Kay. Want me to go with? BUFFY Nah. I'll do my sister thing, and say that I didn't mean to call her a dust junkie. WILLOW While you're up there, check on Xander. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - BUFFY'S ROOM - NIGHT Xander is sitting on the bed still. He is just finishing up his call to the pizza place, on a nearby phone. He hangs up and starts to walk out of the room. Just before he reaches the door, the lights flicker. He looks back at the lamp. XANDER Great. More wiring to fix. Then the lights go out totally. If it wasn't for the moonlight coming through the window, the room would be totally dark. He waits a second for his eye to adjust to the darkness, and starts to move for the door again. Once again, he's stopped by something strange. A MUNCHING SOUND. He looks around, but can't see anything. XANDER (CONT'D) Well. This can't be a good thing.
30. As though on cue, TINY DARK DEMONS DROP FROM THE CEILING, onto Xander. They cover him and continue to munch away. He SCREAMS. FADE TO BLACK: END OF ACT TWO
31. ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - NIGHT Buffy is making her way down the hall when she hears Xander's SCREAM. BUFFY Xander? She rushes toward her room. Dawn comes out of the bathroom just in time to meet Buffy at the bedroom door. DAWN What's going on? BUFFY I think your demons have attacked. They head into the bedroom. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - BUFFY'S ROOM - CONTINUOUS - NIGHT Xander is scratching at himself, trying to get the MINI-DEMONS off of him. Buffy and Dawn aren't sure how to react. DAWN Xander! Buffy, what do we do? BUFFY I don't know! Buffy goes to Xander and tries to brush him off, but it doesn't work. MINI-DEMONS move onto her arm and begin to munch on her. She now has to struggle for herself. DAWN Buffy! Willow comes through the door, holding a flashlight. WILLOW What's going... She sees Buffy and Xander struggling. WILLOW (CONT'D) What happened? DAWN I don't know. They were on Xander when we got here. We have to do something.
32. Willow shines the light on Xander, to get a better look at the demons. As she does, the DEMONS SCURRY off of him, back to the wall. A few moments later, the lights in the room come back on. Willow turns the flashlight off. Buffy and Xander are covered in little demon bites (Xander more than her, obviously). A few of them are bleeding, but the others just look like really bad bug bites. WILLOW Those weren't termites. BUFFY You think? XANDER Right now, I am thinking "ow". WILLOW Let's go downstairs. Maybe we can find something to put on the bites. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Xander and Buffy are on the couch, in a little pain. Willow's standing over them, looking at the bites. ANGLE ON ONE OF XANDER'S BITES. It's got three little holes digging into the skin, and it's very red and puffy. She touches it. XANDER Ouch! Hey, quit it. WILLOW Sorry. (beat) They look like weird bug bites, actually. They're probably blood suckers. BUFFY 'Cause the world didn't have enough of those. Dawn comes out of the kitchen, holding two damp rags. DAWN Sorry, this is the best I could do. There was some really old cheese in a can, but I didn't see how that would help.
33. Buffy and Xander take the rags and put them on their bites. It actually helps to soothe the pain a little. WILLOW You want me to run out and pick something up? XANDER I think we're good for tonight. The DOORBELL RINGS. They all look at each other, wondering who it could be. Xander finally remembers. XANDER (CONT'D) Oh, the pizza. DAWN I'll get it. Dawn goes to the front door and opens it. The PIZZA GUY is standing there, holding two pizzas. He's obviously also a mechanic. PIZZA GUY You folks order some pizzas? DAWN Yup. PIZZA GUY Alright. That'll be sixteen-eighty. Dawn pulls a bill out of her pocket and hands it to the guy. She takes the pizzas. DAWN Keep the change. PIZZA GUY Thanks. The pizza guy looks in and sees Buffy and Xander nursing their bites. PIZZA GUY (CONT'D) Looks like you folks have a bug problem. DAWN Oh. Yeah. It's no biggie though. Thanks again. She tries to close the door, but the pizza guy talks again. PIZZA GUY Yeah. (MORE)
34. PIZZA GUY (CONT'D) Every now and then, a house around these parts'll get infested real good. Must be all the trees. DAWN Yeah. Must be. She holds up the pizza. DAWN (CONT'D) I should probably get this inside before the cheese gets all weird. PIZZA GUY Right. You folks have a good night. DAWN You too. Dawn is finally able to close the door and goes back inside. She puts the pizza down on a table. DAWN (CONT'D) Anyone hungry? Buffy and Xander look at her, wondering how she could eat when they're covered in demon bites. DAWN (CONT'D) What? C'mon, it's not like the first time we've ever been attacked by demons. Buffy and Xander think about that. Finally, they have no choice but to agree. They reach for the pizza. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Buffy is sitting alone in the room, talking on the phone. BUFFY (into phone) Yeah. They were like these little bug-sized demon things. (beat) Yes, Giles, I'm sure they were demons. I have the bites to prove it. (beat) I was kinda hoping you'd know what they were. Our book collection's kinda buried under a few tons of Sunnydale wreckage right about now. (beat) Yeah. Okay. Thank you. (MORE)
35. BUFFY (CONT'D) (beat) You too. Bye. She hangs up just as Xander and Willow walk in through the front door, carrying bags of food. WILLOW Anything from Giles? Buffy goes to help them carry the bags. BUFFY He's looking it up for us. Might take a while. XANDER (proud) Guess he's missing his crack team of researchers right about now. He and Willow share a smile. BUFFY You know, this was the last thing I needed. They walk out of the living room, toward the kitchen. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY It's a few seconds later. Yeah, we've missed a little bit of conversation as they walked through the dining room, but we didn't miss anything important. BUFFY I mean, c'mon already. Can't a girl take a few decades off every now and then? WILLOW Think of it this way. We're not on the Hellmouth anymore. How many demons can there be in this place? Probably best to just get 'em out of the way now and not have to deal with them later, right? BUFFY I guess. (beat) Maybe I should just die again for a while. That was really relaxing. Xander's attention drifts as Buffy and Willow continue to talk.
36. WILLOW Bad idea. I'm fresh out of Urns of Osiris. BUFFY Darn. Oh well, there's always Hawaii. WILLOW I think I might be able to support that plan. There are some things there that I've been meaning to check out. Goddesses and stuff like that. It'd be neat. BUFFY I think you're missing the point here, Will. Vacation from mystical stuff, not to mystical stuff. WILLOW Oh. Sorry. The DOORBELL RINGS. BUFFY I'll get it. Buffy leaves the room. Willow now notices that Xander's looking off into space. WILLOW Hey. He snaps out of it. XANDER Hmm? WILLOW You okay? XANDER Yeah, I'm good. Death talk just doesn't thrill me the way it used to, I guess. WILLOW Anya? He looks down, clearly still upset by her death. Willow puts her arms around Xander. WILLOW (CONT'D) You can talk to me, you know. I know what you're going through.
37. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Buffy opens the front door. Standing outside is HARVEY. He's a middle-aged exterminator, holding a clipboard. HARVEY Hi there. BUFFY Hi. Can I help you with something? HARVEY Actually, I was just about to ask you that very same question. BUFFY Oh. Why? HARVEY I'm Harvey Lawler, the town's exterminator. I offer great service at a price you can afford. BUFFY You obviously don't know me. HARVEY Well, I noticed you just moved into this old place, and I know it's been empty for a while now. You folks probably have one heck of a pest problem. BUFFY You can say that again. HARVEY Well, I'd be happy to help put those critters right out of your misery. Buffy doesn't like Harvey very much. Very suspicious. BUFFY I think we can handle it. Thanks anyway. She is about to close the door when he puts his foot in the way. She looks like she wants to kick him in a bad place for doing that. HARVEY You sure about that? The bugs around these parts can be pretty mean. Judging from those bites, it looks like you've already learned that.
38. BUFFY We have really good bug spray. The kind that kills those little metal balls on tv. HARVEY But-- BUFFY I said we're good. Now she forces the door closed. He manages to pull his foot out before it's broken. Not liking what just happened, she starts back toward the kitchen. Before she can get too far, a large chunk of ceiling falls to the ground near where she was just standing. She stops and looks back. She looks at the ceiling pieces on the floor, and almost wants to cry. BUFFY (CONT'D) Xander! Xander and Willow come through the dining room and join Buffy. They see what's happened. WILLOW Hey. How'd the ceiling end up on the floor? BUFFY I think we can thank our little demon friends for that one. XANDER Couldn't they just stick to eating us alive? BUFFY I'm pretty sure I know who's causing this. This creepy exterminator guy just came to the door and almost popped a lung when I said we didn't need anything killed. WILLOW Did you beat him up? BUFFY Not yet, but I plan to as soon as we have proof that he's behind this.
39. EXT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - NIGHT Harvey creeps up to the side of the house. He's carrying a clay vase-like container. When he's close to the house, and he's sure that he hasn't been noticed, he holds the opening to the container to the side of the house. HARVEY Spawn of earth and spirits of the past, I summon you. Bring forth your power and devour this dwelling. From the container, THOUSANDS OF MINI-DEMONS swarm into the house. Harvey smiles. HARVEY (CONT'D) Another honest day's work. He gets up and walks away. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Buffy is talking on the phone again. Willow and Dawn are watching her from the couch. Dawn is eating from a container of ice cream. DAWN I feel so useless, not doing any research. WILLOW It's strange, isn't it? Kinda like we're slackers. BUFFY (into phone) Giles? Are you even there? (beat) Well, you weren't saying anything. DAWN When's the internet connection gonna be set up? At least then we'll have the demon database to look stuff up on. WILLOW Not for another week, at least. They need to run wires. DAWN Oh. Xander comes in from the kitchen, eating a piece of cold pizza. He sits in a chair.
40. XANDER What're we doing? DAWN Watching Buffy listen to Giles do research. XANDER Anything yet? DAWN Not sure. Mostly a lot of "uh-huhs" and meaningful pauses. BUFFY (still into phone) Okay, so what are they then? Buffy goes to a table where a piece of paper and a pen are sitting. She writes as Giles speaks to her. BUFFY (CONT'D) Garrimounds? Is that one "r" or two? (beat) Two. Okay. (beat) You're right. It really doesn't matter how I spell it. So how do I kill them? DAWN Garrimounds? BUFFY (once again, into the phone) Fine. Call me when you find something. Buffy hangs up. WILLOW What's up? BUFFY He found a reference to demons called Garrimounds in one of the Watcher Diaries. Nothing on how to kill them though. DAWN (thinking) Garrimounds. Garrimounds. (beat) Ooh! They're worker demons. (MORE)
41. DAWN (CONT'D) People summoned them in the past to eat away at the homes of their enemies, or the walls around kingdoms or whatever. Basically, they eat structures until a place falls down, leaving it vulnerable for invaders. Dawn takes another bite of her ice cream as the rest of the gang looks at her, puzzled. DAWN (CONT'D) (off their looks) What? BUFFY How'd you know that? DAWN Don't know. Guess I picked it up from all the research sessions last year. I think it was in German or something. BUFFY Since when do you read German? DAWN Do you realize how many texts I've had to translate? Lots. XANDER Okay, Book Of Dawn, so how do we kill the little buggers? Dawn thinks about it for a second. DAWN Fire. I think. (beat) Yeah, fire. BUFFY Great. So all we have to do is burn down the house. DAWN Actually, no. We have to get them back to their nest, then burn them. Outside the nest, they're pretty resistant to stuff. (then) How do I know all of this? WILLOW So where's the nest?
42. BUFFY I think I know that one. INT. HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL - NIGHT The office is dark. Looks like everyone's gone home for the night. Suddenly, the door flies off of it's hinges. Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn walk in. They hold flashlights. WILLOW Y'know, I probably coulda taken care of that lock without resorting to smashing. BUFFY More fun my way. XANDER What are we looking for, exactly? DAWN A container. XANDER Like Gladware? DAWN More ancient. Should look like a vase, or a pitcher. Something with a hole in the top. Buffy goes to a desk and looks inside. She starts thumbing through papers and files. BUFFY Check this out. All of these people have the same problem we do. XANDER So our friendly neighborhood exterminator summons the demons and then gets paid for cleaning them up. BUFFY Told you. She puts the papers away. As she closes the door a NOISE is heard, from a nearby closet. They all turn. Willow points to the closet door and mouths... WILLOW (mouthed only) Someone's in there.
43. Buffy nods and walks to the closet. She grabs the knob and counts down from three before quickly pulling the door open. Inside the closet, Harvey is huddled behind jackets and uniforms. He's holding onto the demon container. When he sees Buffy, he's startled and drops the container. It shatters on the ground. Buffy looks down at it. BUFFY Well... That sucks. FADE TO BLACK: END OF ACT THREE
44. ACT FOUR FADE IN: INT. HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL - NIGHT Buffy pulls Harvey out of the closet. BUFFY Why did you have to drop that? Couldn't you just make my life a little easier and not drop that? HARVEY Wh-- What do you want with me? XANDER About twenty minutes with you covered by mini-demons should just about do it. BUFFY We're onto you and you're little scam. HARVEY Don't tell the cops. I'll cut you in. BUFFY Yeah, there's a first impression I really wanna make on this town. How 'bout you help us clean up your little mess, and then we can figure out how to take care of you. XANDER Again, I suggest the mini-demons. DAWN I'm not sure we can stop them. We needed them in their nest. Willow goes to the broken pieces of the container on the ground and picks some of the larger pieces up. WILLOW Maybe we can fix it. BUFFY A spell? WILLOW Or glue.
45. BUFFY Right. That could work too. Get as many pieces as you can. Buffy looks back to Harvey as Willow and Xander start picking up the container pieces. BUFFY (CONT'D) Where did you get these things? HARVEY A vender. She passed through here about two months ago. I haven't seen her since, I swear. BUFFY She give you a manual to go along with it? Harvey nods. BUFFY (CONT'D) Give. Harvey goes to his desk, unlocks a drawer and pulls a scroll out of it. He gives it to Buffy and she looks at it. BUFFY (CONT'D) It's not in English. German, I think. DAWN Let me see it. Buffy hands it to Dawn. Dawn looks it over. BUFFY Can you actually read that thing? DAWN Not really, but I get the gist of it. Looks like the same thing I read before. Description and some other stuff I can't make out too good. Maybe summoning spells. I'm not sure. BUFFY Anything on how we might stop these demons without the nest? DAWN Just what we already knew. Willow looks up at Buffy. WILLOW This isn't looking good.
46. BUFFY Fine. Just get all the pieces together and bring them. We'll figure out a plan when we get to the house. Harvey starts to creep away. Buffy grabs him and pulls him along as she walks toward the door. BUFFY (CONT'D) As if you weren't coming with us. Dawn follows Buffy out of the office. Willow and Xander scramble to pick up as many pieces as they can, and then rush out of the door. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Buffy and the others walk into the house. Buffy tosses Harvey in the direction of the couch. BUFFY Sit. She looks back to Willow and Xander. BUFFY (CONT'D) Can we put it back together? WILLOW I don't know. Maybe if we had some time to work on it. Another chunk of ceiling falls behind them. BUFFY Don't have time. What about a spell? WILLOW There are spells for fixing broken objects. I'm not sure it'd work though. We'd need all of the pieces. BUFFY Don't we have all of the pieces? XANDER Except for all of the really little ones that were left back in the office as someone was rushing out the door. BUFFY (guilty) Well, I was just doing that thing. Y'know, where we get all pumped up and determined to win. How was I supposed to know?
47. WILLOW There might be another way. BUFFY How? WILLOW A spell. I might be able to use the parts of the nest that we do have, and create some kind of a new container. BUFFY Good. Get on it. WILLOW I don't know how long it would last though. BUFFY We only need it to last long enough to torch the things. WILLOW It'll take me a few minutes to set up. BUFFY Do it. Willow nods and heads into the kitchen. Buffy turns to Dawn. BUFFY (CONT'D) Dawn, go over the scroll again and see if there's anything we can use in there. Maybe we can put them to sleep for a while or something. DAWN Okay, but my German is pretty... I'm great with the small words like "der" and "bratwurst", but when it comes to actual sentences, it's touch and go. BUFFY You know enough to get the gist. Dawn takes the scroll and passes Xander on her way to a chair. Buffy looks at Xander who meets her with a "what about me?" look. BUFFY (CONT'D) Xander...
48. XANDER Just point me in a direction and say go. BUFFY Right. You could... help Willow. I mean, see if she needs help and then help her if she does. Xander knows that Buffy didn't really have a job for him, but he accepts it anyway. With a nod, he walks out of the room. Harvey starts to back away slowly. Buffy turns to him and shoots him a threatening look. He stops moving. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - NIGHT Willow is looking around the kitchen. Xander comes in. XANDER Hey. Whatcha looking for? WILLOW Something to smash these pieces with. XANDER Smash? I thought we were trying to put it back together. WILLOW Not exactly. I need to grind the pieces into as fine a powder as possible. XANDER Okay. If you say so. Xander starts to look around the kitchen too. XANDER (CONT'D) So, just like old times, huh? WILLOW What do you mean? XANDER Y'know. The house being overtaken by demons. Us trying to stop them before they rip everything apart. Kinda like being right back in Sunnydale. WILLOW Yeah, with more Victorian. Xander pulls out a meat tenderizer.
49. XANDER Ah-ha! Willow looks back. WILLOW That'll work. Xander hands her the tenderizer. She takes it to the counter where she proceeds to wrap the container pieces in a dish towel and then bashes it as hard as she can. INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Buffy and Dawn look back toward the kitchen as a loud BANG comes from that direction. DAWN You think they're okay in there? BUFFY I'm sure we'd hear more yelling if they weren't. Another BANG. DAWN Unless the ceiling caved in on them. Another BANG. BUFFY Good point. DAWN Should I check it out? BUFFY Maybe. Dawn stands up and is just about ready to go into the kitchen when Willow and Xander come out. Willow is carrying a bowl with the container powder in it. BUFFY (CONT'D) Are you guys okay? XANDER Why wouldn't we be? BUFFY We heard noises. WILLOW Oh, that was just me smashing up the pieces.
50. Willow shows Buffy the contents of the bowl. Buffy doesn't know that this is a good thing. BUFFY Way to go. WILLOW No, it was on purpose. For the spell. BUFFY Oh. So are we ready? WILLOW Think so. (to Dawn) Dawnie, can you get me a couple candles? Oh, and one for yourself. Dawn heads out of the room. Willow puts the bowl down on the table. She kneels down next to the table. BUFFY So what happens now? WILLOW I'm gonna try to use the powder to form a bubble that we can catch the demons in. Willow looks back to Harvey. WILLOW (CONT'D) Which means we'll need him to get them in here when we're ready. Just then the lights flicker. There's a MUNCHING SOUND in the walls. Everyone looks around. BUFFY I don't think that's gonna be a problem. After Buffy says that, the lights go out totally. BUFFY (CONT'D) Uh-oh. In the darkness, a SWARM OF MINI-DEMONS comes from the wall. HARVEY (in German) Brut der Erde, greife meine Feind an! (translation) Spawn of earth, attack my enemy. Buffy looks back at Harvey, wondering where the German came from.
51. BUFFY What did you do? Harvey smiles. The swarm goes right after Buffy. Soon, SHE IS COVERED IN MINI-DEMONS. She yells in pain as they bite her, and she stumbles around the room. She falls over the table, spilling the powder from the bowl as she falls to the floor. WILLOW Buffy! XANDER We have to do something. Dawn rushes back into the room holding two candles in one hand and another in her other hand. DAWN Buffy! Buffy continues to stumble around. Xander goes to her and tries to help, but he only ends up with MINI-DEMONS COVERING HIS ARM. He yells in pain. HARVEY All you had to do was pay me to get rid of them. Nobody had to get hurt. Harvey starts to get up and make his way toward the door. Even with the demons covering her, Buffy won't allow him to get away. She leaps over the couch and tackles him. Soon, HE IS COVERED IN MINI-DEMONS as well. He screams in pain and stumbles into the dining room where he falls to the ground. Buffy and Xander are struggling with the demons. They're still being bit. DAWN We have to help them. Where are the flashlights? Willow looks over at her. WILLOW No time for that. (then) Ignite! From the candles in Dawn's hands, FLAMES SHOOT HIGH. Dawn jumps and lets out a scream. The light from the candles fills the room. The demons on Buffy and Xander scatter to the darker corners of the room. Both of them are in pain and out of breath, but Buffy keeps her mind in the game.
52. BUFFY Dawn, you have to get the demons gathered. DAWN I don't speak German. BUFFY Just say the words. You don't have to understand them. (to Willow) Right? WILLOW I hope. Buffy takes two candles from Dawn and puts them on the table in front of Willow. BUFFY Willow, go. Willow starts to focus her thoughts. She closes her eyes. WILLOW (in Italian) Prenda questo rubble e diagli la figura. Prenda questo remains e dia loro la forma. Ciò ordine di I. (translation) Take this rubble and give it shape. Take these remains and give them form. The powder on the ground in front of her RISES INTO THE AIR. Willow opens her eyes and looks straight ahead. In front of her, the DUST FORMS A BUBBLE WITH AN OPENING ON TOP. Buffy looks back to Dawn. BUFFY Dawn, we need you. Now. Dawn nervously takes the scroll in her hand and looks it over. She holds her candle to it so she can see it more clearly. DAWN I think I got it. She reads a little, then speaks with slight hesitation. DAWN (CONT'D) (in German) Brut der Erde-- uh-- höre mich! (MORE)
53. DAWN (CONT'D) Kehre in dein Nest zurück und Schlummer Gehorche meinem Wort und-- umm-- verlasse diese Wohnung! Höre mich! Verlasse diese Wohnung! (translation) Spawn of earth-- uh-- hear me. Return to your nest and slumber. Obey my word and-- umm-- and leave this dwelling. Hear me! Leave this dwelling! The MINI-DEMONS SWARM AGAIN (including the ones from the now oddly silent dining room). This time, they swarm right into the opening in Willow's bubble. DAWN Fire! Buffy looks back at Dawn, confused. DAWN (CONT'D) Burn them! BUFFY Oh! Before Buffy has time to do it, Xander grabs one of Willow's candles and tosses it into the opening. We can only see a FLICKER inside the bubble, but WE CAN HEAR POPPING AND SNAPPING. Buffy and the others watch. BUFFY (CONT'D) It's like evil popcorn. From the opening, RED HOT DEMON CORPSES begin to fly out. Buffy jumps back just in time to avoid one. Another lands on the couch and starts to burn it, but Xander puts out the fire quickly. BUFFY (CONT'D) Willow, seal the hole. Willow focuses. Before she can close the hole, few more hot demons fly out. One lands right on top of Buffy's tea cozy and it bursts into flames. Buffy watches it. BUFFY (CONT'D) Why does everything in my life always have to be so damn symbolic? Dawn puts that fire out.
54. Willow CLOSES THE OPENING. THE SOUNDS ARE NOW MUFFLED. As the opening closes, one last demon flies out and lands on Willow's leg. She jumps up. Her concentration is broken. A MYSTICAL SHOCKWAVE ripples out from Willow. THE BUBBLE EXPLODES. The dust forms a cloud in the air, as the burning demons fly in all directions. Luckily, most of them burn out before they hit anything. The gang manages to snuff out the others before any damage is caused. When it's all over, the gang looks around. BUFFY (CONT'D) Is that it? Is it over? A chunk of ceiling falls near Xander. XANDER For you guys, it's over. For me, the work is just beginning. DAWN What happened to the exterminator guy? Buffy walks to the dining room just as the lights come back on. She looks into the dining room and then looks back to Dawn. BUFFY Believe me when I say, you do not want to know. Dawn cringes at the thought. WILLOW So, I guess this means that we're officially back to demon hunting. XANDER Oh, the joy of it all. Buffy picks up her burnt tea cozy and looks it over. BUFFY What was this thing made of anyway? FADE TO BLACK: FADE IN: EXT. MYSTERY RUBBLE - NIGHT Just when you think the episode is over, we see this. Close on this rubble. What looks like a pile of rocks, dirt and splintered wood.
55. Willow's SHOCKWAVE HITS. PUSH IN on the rubble. As we get closer to it, we see one of the rocks begin to shake. FADE TO BLACK: END OF EPISODE

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